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Missouri Community Partnerships


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Caring Community Partnerships are located throughout the state of Missouri.  Community Partnerships are decision making entities, broadly representative of a county or multi county that partner with state agencies to plan, develop, finance, and monitor strategies to achieve specific core results.  Caring Communities is Missouri’s system reform initiate to achieve the fore results through Community Partnerships

Core Results

Children & Families Safe
Children & Families Healthy
Children Ready to Enter School
Youth Ready to Enter the Workforce & Become Productive Citizens
Parents Working

New Madrid County Community Partnership

The Partnership has accepted the mission of becoming the lead sponsoring partnership agency with the State of Missouri.  To accomplish this mission, the Coalition will unify human service providers, churches, businesses, educational systems, community members and local/county government representatives to better serve the needs of the citizens of New Madrid County.  The efforts of the Coalition will result in more effective use of resources.   The task will be to identify gaps in services, eliminate duplication, and enhance existing programs development.  The Partnership will also seek progressive and creative ways to develop new resources and funding.  It is desire of the New Madrid County Community Partnership to have a safe, diverse community wherein all persons, families, and friends are respected and have a full opportunity to be involved and to achieve productive, happy and healthy lives.

Guiding Principles

Linking Services to Empower All Communities in New Madrid County

Facilitation & Collaboration with Partners of New Madrid County

Family Support

Community Awareness